Majestic Winter

Jack Frost weaves his magic winter.

Cawood Homestead

Homestead today hasn't changed a lot over the years.

The Coach-house

The Sandstone Coach-house is featured in the homestead garden.

The Cawood barn

The barn was built in the early 1800 and when it was built they made one side of the barn off centre. Speculation as why the barn was done this way are many.

The Ouse River in winter

Mid Winter the ice can form on the River.


Cawood is situated on the banks of the River Ouse in Southern Central Tasmania. The mixed enterprise consists of Murray Grey Cattle, Dohne Merino sheep and cereal and fennel crops. The Homestead is surrounded by old English style gardens that form part of "Cawood" a National Trust Classified farming property surrounded by history and 5 kilometres of river frontage. Established in Circa 1824, "Cawood" provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this historic farming property.

Local Area

Mt. Field National Park, the historic town of Bothwell, or Lake St Clair National Park. Read more...

Rich History

The park-like setting of Cawood is reminiscent of the gracious stately manors of England, with a marvellously ordered mix of trees, stone and space. Read more...

Latest News

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    Cocky Capers

    THE COCKATOOS There were cockies by the hundred in the old oak’s lofty limb, And their mealtime was a mêlée as the evening light grew dim. For they.
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    Local Area

    Surrounding area are Mt. Field National Park, the historic town of Bothwell or Lake St Clair National Park. Half an hour northward is the heart of the Lake Country,.