Marzetti family

Thomas Frederick Marzetti, then aged 28, was granted 1,000 acres shortly after his arrival in May, 1824, and named the property CAWOOD. Soon afterwards he purchased 700 adjoining acres and added them to his estate. His wife Catherine Little and three children, Matilda, Maria and Sarah, were born at Cawood, as was Maria, who married Robert Patterson.

T.F. Marzetti built the delightful old stone house and substantial outbuildings which are still standing.

On 9th February, 1830, the blacks made a raid on his property and stole blankets and rations from Mr Marzetti’s first temporary dwelling, but escaped undetected.

T.F. Marzetti failed in 1842, but he had other interests in Hobart, G.F. Marzetti & Co. and in Melbourne (Marzetti Brothers).


  1. Don Patterson


    Robert Patterson was my great, great grandfather..
    He married Helen Marzetti when Maria died. Helen & Robert’s eldest child was Robert Charles Patterson who married Elizeabeth Anne Kennedy. Robert Graeme Patterson, one of their sons was my grandfather.

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