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John Glover

Glover is best known now for his paintings of the Tasmanian landscape. He gave a fresh treatment to the effects of the Australian sunlight on the native bushland by depicting it bright and clear, a definite departure from the darker "English country garden" paradigm. Note this example 'Patterdale Farm'. His treatment of the local flora was also new because it was a more accurate depiction of the Australian trees and scrubland. Glover noted the "remarkable peculiarity.
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Hunter’s Hill

Now incorporated into the Cawood property, Hunter's Hill was settled by Captain John Young, who arrived in Tasmania the same year as Marzetti: 1824. His wife's maiden name was Hunter, which is a pretty strong clue as to the source of the nomenclature. Young had a fine dairy, which developed a reputation for excellence far and wide. A cluster of three buildings, still in quite good condition, is evidence of that prosperous dairy.
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Marzetti family

Thomas Frederick Marzetti, then aged 28, was granted 1,000 acres shortly after his arrival in May, 1824, and named the property CAWOOD. Soon afterwards he purchased 700 adjoining acres and added them to his estate. His wife Catherine Little and three children, Matilda, Maria and Sarah, were born at Cawood, as was Maria, who married Robert Patterson. T.F. Marzetti built the delightful old stone house and substantial outbuildings which are still standing. On 9th February, 1830,.
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